Values-Based Mindfulness Coaching From an Award-Winning Author and Stress-Reduction Expert

Discover how to align your life with your values at work, home, and within

As humans, we are a walking, talking, living breathing set of values. Learn how to use your values as a compass to direct your living environment at work, home and within yourself.



Recognized as a global thought leader in workplace culture and values, SparkVision serves as an unbiased partner to empower your people to own their role in crafting culture every day. Our unique mission and vision statement is inspired by the personal journey of our founder, award-winning author and world-renowned speaker, MaryBeth Hyland.

Our Guiding Principle: Values-Based Mindfulness

Honoring ones’ core truth by making conscious choices that ignite a personal sense of alignment.

Our Vision:

To live in a world where we proudly embrace our truest selves to bring deeper meaning and connection to work and life.

Our Mission:

To create value-driven cultures where people thrive by activating their shared beliefs and motivations.

Our Values:

Authenticity & Transparency

Be yourself – it’s your greatest superpower. Take off your mask, trust your intuition, and proactively share the highs and the lows.

Vulnerability & Empathy 

Be open. Express and expose the experiences that are too often left unsaid. Support and show love to those who have the courage to do so.

Accountability & Inner Harmony

Be aligned. Stay true to your positive intentions, especially with yourself. Your state of personal alignment ignites our shared success.

Ignite your core values

When a company’s culture is rooted in its core values, it attracts an aligned community, staff, clients, work, and experiences. But how many of us take the time to discover what they are? And how many of us use them as a compass to direct our living environments at work, home and within ourselves? We can show you how.

Our Team

MaryBeth Hyland

As the Founder and Chief Visionary of SparkVision, MaryBeth Hyland knows that extraordinary success is rooted in the vision, values, and culture crafted by purpose-driven leaders and their tribe. With over 12 years of experience, built on knowledge from a BA in Social Work and MS in Nonprofit Management, she’s known for her ability to create movements across generations.

And she does that with the understanding that we all have a deep desire to know and return to our most authentic selves – at work, home and within.

As a certified mediator, mindfulness instructor, and values expert she engages audiences and teams all over the world with her authentic style of facilitation, coaching and empowerment.

Her recent awards include, “Circle of Excellence”, “Innovator of the Year”, “Top 100 Women”, “Civic Engagement Leader” and “Leading Women”.

Her personal life’s mission is to create spaces where voices are heard, stories are released, and purpose is ignited.

Get to know MaryBeth and our brand as she shares more about the origins of SparkVision and our philosophies for crafting corporate culture.

James Hyland

James Hyland, Chief Operator, Executive Alignment Coach, and Wellness Educator with SparkVision, knows that each of us, no matter our backgrounds or circumstances has the power to live the life we want.

Before joining SparkVision, James spent nearly 15 years working in finance, building, and overseeing a high-performing sales team, from the ground up. During this time, James developed an innovative sales process that won numerous industry awards and hit record-setting sales numbers. Amidst his lightning-fast growth and success, he also became an angel investor in order to support companies that are looking to change the world.

Throughout his career in finance, James was deemed “successful” by everyone he met, but something didn’t feel right deep inside of him. When the voice inside got too loud to ignore, James began a personal internal journey to discover more about himself, and to identify his truest potential.

Through his own life experiences and understanding his values, James quickly realized that what he loves to do is help others thrive in life, without sacrificing what matters most.

Now his mission is to empower people to regain their sense of self and vitality by creating shifts to their daily habits and mindset so they can feel the deepest satisfaction and fulfilment that their pull towards traditional “success” has never been able to satiate for them.

Veronica Hill

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